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WelcomeThis has been the official website of the de Gennes Discussion Conference, which offered various information about the conference, invited speaker, the program and other practical information.

Now, degennesconference.fr wants to present useful facts and interesting topics about the field of rheology. Furthermore, the De Gennes Discussion Conference as well as its eponym Pierre-Gilles de Gennes and its venue Chamonix will be described.

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes was a French physicist. He was born in Paris in 1932. Until 1955 he studied at the École Normale Supérieure. Later he became a research engineer and defended his PhD, too. The biggest award, which he received, was the Nobel Prize in physics in 1991.

In tribute to him, the De Gennes Discussion Conference has been carried out in the French city Chamonix in 2009. The French Group of Rheology organized this event under the auspices of the European Society of Rheology. Degennesconference.fr presents the most important topics of this conference and much more besides.

Find out more about the science of rheology. It is a study dealing with the flow of matter. In the center of attention are substances in a liquid state.

Our website offers a lot of other interesting facts and information about the fields of geophysics, physiology or food rheology and their relation to the scientific subject of rheology. As well, there are useful details about studying rheology and scientific works, which deal with this topic.

Furthermore, the category News deals with the latest messages about rheology in general or about special purviews. Market leading companies and interesting facts about, for example, non-Newtonian fluids are presented, too.